Friday, June 12, 2009


Here we go again folks. Once again we have been attacked by terrorists. When the Holocaust Museum was attacked we were all attacked. We as a country was attacked again. For some reason the right wing talking heads are trying to blame The President.It is time to stop listening to these idiots(El Rusbo,Glenn,i'm gonna cry, Beck Anne ,Jews need to be perfected by becoming Christian, Coulter.)and try to find out the truth. The Far-Right is as much a danger to this country as any muslim sleeper cell.The problem is that they will not be treated as terrorists .It must be that we only torture brown people. White people get a fair trail. If I offend any right winger ,I must be doing the right thing. We must stop the Nazification of our country. The patriot act is a farce that needs to be not only repealed it must be buried so deep that it will never see the light of day.

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  1. This shooting made me so angry. It's so hard for me to understand how a person can be so delusional. It's one, completely bizarre, thing to deny the Holocaust. It's another to shoot someone because of it. What a coward! He didn't even shoot anyone who had anything to do with the Holocaust. He shot a security guard who was opening the door for him.

    I just don't understand White Supremecy at all, from any standpoint. How can we claim to be the Supreme-Ultra-Mega-Lord of all races when genetics clearly show that we are not?