Sunday, June 7, 2009

Right-Wing Terror

Once again we have witnessed a senseless act of terror and assassination.With the murder of Dr. Tiller, we see that fanaticism is not confined to the Mid-East it is also right here in the Mid-West.The conservative press once again shows it's own stupidity and hypocrisy by, on one hand condemning the act and on the other saying he got what he deserved.

Now the question is,does he deserve a normal American Judge and Jury? He is obviously a terrorist. Should this be a case that is under the "Patriot Act? Should he be water boarded to see who else was involved? Should we have a deck of cards with the Leaders of Operation Rescue and Bill O'Reilly?

Of course not. This man is an American Citizen and as such should be treated just like all other criminals. For that is what he is , a criminal.Unfortunately, there are those who will consider him a hero.

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