Monday, January 21, 2013

This has been such a Monumental day ,I had to take keyboard in hand to celebrate it.Barack H Obama finally doesn't have to worry about being re-elected. He doesn't have to kiss the right's ass to get some thing done. The Right is finally getting the picture that they and their policies were roundly defeated in the election. As always the right is screaming about the black Muslim socialist we have in the Whitehouse.Orly Taitz losing, the Fascists trying to be relevant. Ahhh heady stuff!

Predictably the right is going bananas over gun control. The idiot that said that if blacks had guns there wouldn't have been slavery,is not only wrong, he shows the insanity of the Right. Guns in America is the real addiction. At last count there were over 343 million guns in the good ol' US of A. That is a gun for every man woman and child, here in the land of the heavily armed ,but it leaves over 40 million that need good home. Send your sponsorship to FAGANH or Find a Gun A New Home. Instead of Sarah McLachlan singing some sissy song we'll get a Real American like Ted Nugent and he can perform a concert in his rabbit skin loin cloth and he can play in Glen Becks new gated community  and...and...and. Sorry, lost my head ,as I said, heady stuff.

 As much as my lefty soul would love to embrace gun control. The one argument that works for drugs works here. As I said earlier it is guns we are addicted to. And as with any addiction, we will do what we have to do to satisfy that addiction. We are seeing our country,like any addict,fall victim to it's skewed thinking. Every addict thinks "just one more" or "just a little"..And just like any addiction it leaves it's innocent  victims torn, bloody and dying.

Will the President's proposal's work?? Probably not.But as any 12 stepper will tell you "One day at a time"and "This to shall pass."Our culture will demand it. I am sick and tired of our people being killed by people armed with military ordinance . The Colorado shooter ordered 250,000 rounds of ammunition online. 83% of criminals that used a gun in the commission of a crime bought the gun at a gun show ,with no background check. You can go to the classified ads in any newspaper and buy a gun ,again with no background check.You can buy a.50 cal Barret at a website called no checks except certified one you send when you buy it.The 2nd Amendment is not sacred. It is not God-given and the gun did not show up one day from  above.

 What we need to change is ourselves.The human animal is the only one that kills for fun. The glorification of violence must stop. The spurting blood ,the screams,and the killing all desensitizes us and makes us think that we can't stop it. We can. All it takes is a little bit of courage. Thank goodness our President has that courage.

Well I have to go take my meds. Without them I become Renfield.

Liberally Yours,

The Rationalist