Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Joe the idiot" oops!! I mean "the Plumber"

Why is this guy still in the news? He is a failed businessman who was a plumber but lost his license. He is now Joe the Loudmouth. If anyone want him to speak on anything he will, as long as he can parrot the party line.He is just another example of what is wrong with this country today. They say they want to protect their liberty. What a crock. He and other "tea-baggers" want to continue with the same failed policies that the republicans have been trying to implement for years.I would like to find out how many black tb's there are or muslim or anyone else who isn't white.The is going to be a revolution in this country.What side will you be on. The side of fairness and the rule of law or just another group like the KKK,Aryan Nation,Operation Rescue and Focus on the Family. While our brothers and sisters in Iran are fighting for their liberty,we allow the group of nope turn us into another Iran .We have our own mullahs here there names are Dobson,Robertson,Troy Newman and Dick Cheney. I would like to see a true conservative come to power.The religious right is NOT conservative they are as liberal as anyone,Because they believe we should live under sharia (oops) biblical law.That is not conservatism .I call for any who read this to be ready because the barbarians are at the gate.

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