Monday, July 29, 2013

The condemed ate heartily

Ok ,12 hours till the beginning. At 4:00 am I get up and take a shower with this a disinfectant soap. Then they will shave me from my neck down. I was going to ask for a Brazilian ,but I decided I wouldn't be wearing my thongs anytime soon so it all goes. After that they will hook up the I.V. and prep me for surgery.. By this time I am about to scream so they will give me a shot that will "calm me down" Like a sledgehammer. That is all I am going to know until I wake up in ICU.

I have made my peace with this .Let's get on with it.

I love you all

The Rationalist

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Heart surgery Diary or Check your dignity at the door

Hey Everybody!
Just want to thank everyone for the good thoughts and prayers. What I am going to do,as much as possible is to tell you of the experience of open heart surgery.The surgery is set for Tuesday morning,and I am scared shitless. I should said immediately. I swear it is like being on death  row. Every little bump is a  Heart Attack.
   But back to the schedule. I will go to the hospital Tuesday Morning at 5:30.(Why the ungodly hour?? beats me)That is so they can make me really uncomfortable nervous and especially cold. They will then come in draw blood(like they don't already have a half gallon)Then the fun starts. The first thing they do is shave me from the neck down.As I have said on numerous occasions under the right circumstances it could be fun. Then I get to take a shower using a disinfectant I think it is Lysol of something ,  in a cold shower(of course). Then after all of this fun as I am laying there shivering the anesthesiologist comes in . I gotta tell you has has some great stuff.Ask for Demoral it is the best. I get about 10 seconds of rush and with any luck I will wake up in the recovery room,wired like a mad scientists dream.This is what happened the first time,I hope it does as well this time. So signing off till I can add another entry . I love you all

The Rationalist

Monday, January 21, 2013

This has been such a Monumental day ,I had to take keyboard in hand to celebrate it.Barack H Obama finally doesn't have to worry about being re-elected. He doesn't have to kiss the right's ass to get some thing done. The Right is finally getting the picture that they and their policies were roundly defeated in the election. As always the right is screaming about the black Muslim socialist we have in the Whitehouse.Orly Taitz losing, the Fascists trying to be relevant. Ahhh heady stuff!

Predictably the right is going bananas over gun control. The idiot that said that if blacks had guns there wouldn't have been slavery,is not only wrong, he shows the insanity of the Right. Guns in America is the real addiction. At last count there were over 343 million guns in the good ol' US of A. That is a gun for every man woman and child, here in the land of the heavily armed ,but it leaves over 40 million that need good home. Send your sponsorship to FAGANH or Find a Gun A New Home. Instead of Sarah McLachlan singing some sissy song we'll get a Real American like Ted Nugent and he can perform a concert in his rabbit skin loin cloth and he can play in Glen Becks new gated community  and...and...and. Sorry, lost my head ,as I said, heady stuff.

 As much as my lefty soul would love to embrace gun control. The one argument that works for drugs works here. As I said earlier it is guns we are addicted to. And as with any addiction, we will do what we have to do to satisfy that addiction. We are seeing our country,like any addict,fall victim to it's skewed thinking. Every addict thinks "just one more" or "just a little"..And just like any addiction it leaves it's innocent  victims torn, bloody and dying.

Will the President's proposal's work?? Probably not.But as any 12 stepper will tell you "One day at a time"and "This to shall pass."Our culture will demand it. I am sick and tired of our people being killed by people armed with military ordinance . The Colorado shooter ordered 250,000 rounds of ammunition online. 83% of criminals that used a gun in the commission of a crime bought the gun at a gun show ,with no background check. You can go to the classified ads in any newspaper and buy a gun ,again with no background check.You can buy a.50 cal Barret at a website called no checks except certified one you send when you buy it.The 2nd Amendment is not sacred. It is not God-given and the gun did not show up one day from  above.

 What we need to change is ourselves.The human animal is the only one that kills for fun. The glorification of violence must stop. The spurting blood ,the screams,and the killing all desensitizes us and makes us think that we can't stop it. We can. All it takes is a little bit of courage. Thank goodness our President has that courage.

Well I have to go take my meds. Without them I become Renfield.

Liberally Yours,

The Rationalist

Monday, November 16, 2009

Truth(in my opinion)

I love the idiots that call our Democratically elected President a traitor.I see the idiot right complaining about the President's policies. They complain about spending,when, for the last 8 years "W" didn't see a spending bill he didn't like. The Rethuglicans complain about deficit spending when the fact is, every Republican president since Nixon has raised the national debt and added to huge deficits.The Democratic Presidents lowered the national debt, every time. The voodoo economics of Reagan still don't work and are the reason we have such a huge debt.The Bush tax cuts did nothing but drive our economy into the toilet. The thing that makes most of the right so mad is they LOST and couldn't steal the election again.So go ahead vote for the idiot Palin.She is just more of the same.God Bless America and God Bless our President!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today is the day we put aside to celebrate our Vets.It doesn't matter what we are doing . Our soldiers,sailors,air force and marines are all volunteer. They are not there for politics they are there for patriotism. Their sacrifice is what keeps us free. We must remember that freedom isn't free. There is risk involved. We must hold to the principles of democracy and the rule of law. You do not promote liberty abroad by abandoning it at home. It is time for the American People to stop listening to the pundits.Do a little research and find the truth.

Friday, September 11, 2009


9-11 It is funny how 3 numbers brings up a feeling of fear and anger. Today please remember that we are all Americans. We must always come together. It is time we stop listening to the pundits on the right AND left and be Americans. ONE NATION WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
Please remember all of those who sacrifice to make our lives a better place.


Okay friends and neighbors we have the solution t illegal immigration!!!The system is called E-VERIFY.
It is a website that allows employers to verify a prospective employee's immigration status. All they have to do is register for the service(it is free) and them make sure that the person is allowed to work in this country.
It is a shame that we have so many people against it. The number one opponent of E-Verify is the Chamber Of Commerce. They say it puts to much on the employer. It is time to protect our economy and our security. If they can't work and make money they will leave. By verifying their status there can be none on welfare so there is the answer.Don't you love the internet!!!