Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My friends it is with deep regret that I ever thought Jeff Sessions was a man of integrity.The confirmation hearing are a disgusting.Jeff Sessions is an admitted bigot.Felt that until he found out that some smoked pot,the KKK was alright. OH no those evil pot smokers.Just forget about the lynchings, the cross burnings, the murder .After all it was just black people.He and people like him need to go away and let this country be the shining beacon of liberty and justice that they say they want.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

11th Commandment

It is time for all of the "pro-life" wackos to understand that abortion is here to stay. If you want no abortion,then all unwanted children should be adopted by one of your group. I hear a loud protest about abortions but i see no one stepping up to take care of these children. Most women who have an abortion do it for health reasons .They are not evil whores, they are desperate people. It is time for people to follow the 11th Commandment"Thou shalt mind thine own business".

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michelle Bachman Census Paranoia

Once again we see the idiocy of Michelle Bachman.When did the democratically elected government become the enemy?The absolute nonsense that this "public servant" spouts is not only stupid ,it is dangerous. She has already proven herself to be a traitor with her statement on being armed and dangerous. She needs to be censured at the very least or impeached.
Any Congress member who suggests that people should not cooperate with the census should be disciplined by the Congress. It violates her oath of office, even if that means nothing to her, it should matter to Congress. She has every right to propose laws and Constitutional amendments to change the census, but, she has no right to openly support illegal activities, treason, or assassination. If you look at her comments she appears to be a very foolish fascist, racist, terrorist or mentally unbalanced - or most likely both. I sincerely hope her defects are not genetic and passed down to all those children. The Congresswoman, of course knows all about the inferior genetics of all those minority people she keeps trying to scare everyone about.

Congrats to Al!!!

Finally!! Minnesota has two Senators.