Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Joe the idiot" oops!! I mean "the Plumber"

Why is this guy still in the news? He is a failed businessman who was a plumber but lost his license. He is now Joe the Loudmouth. If anyone want him to speak on anything he will, as long as he can parrot the party line.He is just another example of what is wrong with this country today. They say they want to protect their liberty. What a crock. He and other "tea-baggers" want to continue with the same failed policies that the republicans have been trying to implement for years.I would like to find out how many black tb's there are or muslim or anyone else who isn't white.The is going to be a revolution in this country.What side will you be on. The side of fairness and the rule of law or just another group like the KKK,Aryan Nation,Operation Rescue and Focus on the Family. While our brothers and sisters in Iran are fighting for their liberty,we allow the group of nope turn us into another Iran .We have our own mullahs here there names are Dobson,Robertson,Troy Newman and Dick Cheney. I would like to see a true conservative come to power.The religious right is NOT conservative they are as liberal as anyone,Because they believe we should live under sharia (oops) biblical law.That is not conservatism .I call for any who read this to be ready because the barbarians are at the gate.

Monday, June 22, 2009

US Ready for Any Threat from N. Korea?????

Okay, the North Korea has just called us out. While we have been wasting time and resources trying to build a Jeffersonian Democracy in Iraq,North Korea has become a nuclear power.While we were spinning our wheels in a war that was ill-conceived and poorly managed.We hanve allowed the real threat of North Korea go unchallenged.When they fire a missile at Hawaii what are we going to do. We will defend ourselves.They have already stated that any attempt to stop and inspect any of their ships is an "Act of War" .This could be the beginning of WWIII.It is time that we as Americans stop the political fighting and come together .We face an enemy who not only has the bomb but has no problem using it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well,It was inevitable.The republicans have trotted out their "ideas" for health care reform.It is the same old garbage. Pooling is the one thing I thought was good.After that it is the same old crap. Health Care savings accounts, a tax refund to certain people, and no guarantee of coverage.The insurance companies are trying their very best to stop any kind of significant change. We will still be at the mercy of a for profit company whose main purpose is making money not the health of this nation.I call on all Congress to do something that will help us all. Legalize pot and pay for it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Isreal Peace Plan

Today I read that the President of Egypt stated that one of the conditions Israel requires for a Palestinian State is is an "Official" recognition of the State of Israel. He stated that it "ruined " any chance of peace. It seems to me that the recognition that Israel has a right to exist is the first thing that must be accomplished . If the Palestinians want recognition Israel has the same right. I must admit I have some problems with the way Israel treats the Palestinians. However,until the Muslim world accepts the fact of Israel there can be no peace. Fanaticism on both sides must be stopped.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Here we go again folks. Once again we have been attacked by terrorists. When the Holocaust Museum was attacked we were all attacked. We as a country was attacked again. For some reason the right wing talking heads are trying to blame The President.It is time to stop listening to these idiots(El Rusbo,Glenn,i'm gonna cry, Beck Anne ,Jews need to be perfected by becoming Christian, Coulter.)and try to find out the truth. The Far-Right is as much a danger to this country as any muslim sleeper cell.The problem is that they will not be treated as terrorists .It must be that we only torture brown people. White people get a fair trail. If I offend any right winger ,I must be doing the right thing. We must stop the Nazification of our country. The patriot act is a farce that needs to be not only repealed it must be buried so deep that it will never see the light of day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taxes What a scam! I was just informed of this video. I would recommend it to all Americans.Watch and be amazed and angry.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Health Care Reform

Okay let's have a story here.Once upon a time there was a man who had Hepatitis C. The disease had progressed to the point of a transplant was the only option. Going to the hospital business office he was informed that his life depended on the coverage of his insurance. Our hero was told that if his insurance did not cover the transplant, he not only would not be treated he was not even eligible for treatment.

So once again we find that money is what drives our health care system. The question I have to all of the conservatives out there who are #1 Pro-Life and #2 Against any health care reform.How much money is a adult human life worth?Is human life sacred as they as preaching, or is it just for those who have the money to pay for it.

Every citizen should have the same access to health care as any government employee.When we all can be guaranteed the right to life then we will have realized at least one part of the American Dream.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Right-Wing Terror

Once again we have witnessed a senseless act of terror and assassination.With the murder of Dr. Tiller, we see that fanaticism is not confined to the Mid-East it is also right here in the Mid-West.The conservative press once again shows it's own stupidity and hypocrisy by, on one hand condemning the act and on the other saying he got what he deserved.

Now the question is,does he deserve a normal American Judge and Jury? He is obviously a terrorist. Should this be a case that is under the "Patriot Act? Should he be water boarded to see who else was involved? Should we have a deck of cards with the Leaders of Operation Rescue and Bill O'Reilly?

Of course not. This man is an American Citizen and as such should be treated just like all other criminals. For that is what he is , a criminal.Unfortunately, there are those who will consider him a hero.