Sunday, July 28, 2013

Heart surgery Diary or Check your dignity at the door

Hey Everybody!
Just want to thank everyone for the good thoughts and prayers. What I am going to do,as much as possible is to tell you of the experience of open heart surgery.The surgery is set for Tuesday morning,and I am scared shitless. I should said immediately. I swear it is like being on death  row. Every little bump is a  Heart Attack.
   But back to the schedule. I will go to the hospital Tuesday Morning at 5:30.(Why the ungodly hour?? beats me)That is so they can make me really uncomfortable nervous and especially cold. They will then come in draw blood(like they don't already have a half gallon)Then the fun starts. The first thing they do is shave me from the neck down.As I have said on numerous occasions under the right circumstances it could be fun. Then I get to take a shower using a disinfectant I think it is Lysol of something ,  in a cold shower(of course). Then after all of this fun as I am laying there shivering the anesthesiologist comes in . I gotta tell you has has some great stuff.Ask for Demoral it is the best. I get about 10 seconds of rush and with any luck I will wake up in the recovery room,wired like a mad scientists dream.This is what happened the first time,I hope it does as well this time. So signing off till I can add another entry . I love you all

The Rationalist

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