Friday, September 4, 2009

The Fall of the American Empire

Why is it when a Democrat does something it is evil but when a Republican does it it is ok??For example Mark Sanford. He had a blatant affair lies to his constituents and does not feel the need to resign because "God " put him here to save us all.I have never seen a politician on the left or the right that cares about anything but their own power.When people just lie because they want to keep the corporations in power it is time for something to be done. We as a people have been sold down the river by the Delays,Coulters,Beck and Al Franken. We are Americans. The thing that makes us great is our unity. When the politicians use the divisions instead of the commonalities our country will fall apart. We have become the worlds biggest debtor nation. This is the direct result of the Bush tax cuts and then the uncontrolled spending during the Bush administration.Mr. Obama inherited a 7 trillion deficit from bush. Where was the outrage then?? Oh I remember we were bringing liberty to the Iraqi's oil oops I mean the Iraqi People.

Now we have the right stopping the debate on health insurance reform.Not with truth but with lies that only the most ignorant people would believe. Death Panels, Pulling the plug on grandma. Sound familiar? I just want an honest debate not anything more that that. It seems the rich are going to keep getting richer and the middle class will have to do the best they can for their corporate masters . When we look at history we are looking more and more like pre-revolutionary France. The poor will stand it only so long and then they will rise up. The only thing that will keep the healthcare companies honest is a public option.For profit hospitals are a travesty. No one should make money on the suffering of others.When the decision for life or death is incumbent on how much money someone makes, the patient and their family lose. I ask you this, when I was sick what would you have done if they said I was going to die because i didn't have enough money Would you have let me die??You would have spent everything you could have to save me. 70% of all bankruptcies are because of catastrophic illness. We must do something.

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  1. I am so glad we didn't have to let you die. It makes me sick that seeing a doctor is seen as a privilege and not a right.